The third announcement of the third workshop organized by Norma Mankoč
Borštnik, Colin Froggatt and Holger Bech Nielsen

"What Comes Beyond the Standard Model?"

This letter is to kindly remind you that the time of our workshop is approaching. You can find all the data about flight and train connections on We would also like to remind you to send us as soon as possible:

Since the Proceedings from last year have not yet been published, we kindly ask those of you who attended the 1999 Workshop to BRING YOUR TALK AND DISCUSSION CONTRIBUTIONS FROM LAST YEAR WITH YOU.You will find below some additional suggestions for OPEN PROBLEMS, to be discussed at the workshop.

We shall try to meet you at Ljubljana airport (or railway station Lesce-Bled). Otherwise we advise you to take the bus Airport-Kranj + Kranj-Bled, if coming by plane or the bus Lesce-Bled, if you come by train. Villa Plemelj is located next to the Bus station and to the
Hotel Jelovica in Bled.

The conference fee will be 800 DEM, including coffee, dinner, a shared double room (with private bathroom and a small kitchen) and breakfast. A single room at the nearby Hotel Jelovica is 79 DEM per night, with breakfast included. The conference fee with coffee and dinner included is 400 DEM. If you want a more exclusive hotel, please let us know immediately, so that we can make a reservation for you.The payment can be made in any currency, preferably in cash, less conveniently in traveler cheques. Having no administrative help, we are not able to process credit cards. Slovenian currency (TOLARS=SIT) can be exchanged with any other currency in hotels at any time.

In Villa Plemelj, we shall have three computers with access to the INTERNET and a small Xerox machine.

Villa Plemelj telephone number:

+386 64 743 093 (or 743 023).

Norma Mankoc Borstnik: +386 1 476 65 25-university,
                                +386 61 653 226-home.

Please, LET US KNOW the time of your arrival and your method of travel. We shall try to pick you up at the train station Lesce-Bled or at
the airport Ljubljana - Brnik.

The fourth announcement will appear after the 11th of July.

Best regards,
Norma, Holger, Colin


  1. Why does space-time have the Minkowski metric? How does the metric influence cosmological models, with and without inflation included?

  2. Why does space-time have four dimensions? How would the evolution of a universe go in d-dimensions?

  3. If space-time has d-dimensions with d greater than 4, as in the Mankoe approach which unifies spins and charges, what can this approach say about the free parameters and assumptions of the Standard Model of electroweak interactions? How in this approach can one comment on the fact that space-time has made the "decision" that d= 1+3, using the renormalization group procedure?

  4. Could there be four generations of quarks and leptons? Where do the generations come from? Where do the Yukawa couplings come from?

  5. Where does the scalar Higgs come from?

  6. C,P,T, CP and CPT. How many different discrete symmetries do we have?