The first announcement of the second workshop organized by Norma Mankoč Borštnik, Colin Froggatt and Holger Bech Nielsen

Dear colleague,
This letter is the first announcement of the second workshop entitled

"What Comes Beyond the Standard Model?"

which will take place at Bled from 22 nd of July to 31 st of July 1999.

The electroweak Standard model leaves many questions unanswered:
  1. Why are left handed fermions doublets with respect to the weak charge while right handed fermions are singlets? Are spins and charges unified? Why is parity not broken in strong and electromagnetic interactions?
  2. Why are quarks and leptons arranged in families? How can families be predicted? Where do the Yukawa couplings come from?
  4. Where do the coupling constants come from?
    What are Higgs? Why have no light scalar fields yet been observed?
  5. Where does the electroweak scale come from? Can we exclude the existence of constituents of quarks and leptons?
  6. Why is the ordinary space-time four dimensional? Why does flat space-time have the Minkowski metric? Do gravity and gauge fields unify?
The aim of the workshop is to bring together physicists, who are trying to find the answers to some of these questions and who would enjoy to actively discuss the above questions in a small group.
Last year we organized the first workshop on ``What Comes Beyond the Standard Model?" It took place from 29 th of June to 9th of July. We spent ten days, trying to answer these questions in a very pleasant and relaxing atmosphere. You can find the proceedings (a zip file) here.

The Physical Society together with Mathematical Society owns a house (an access map is available here), whose owner was the well known mathematician Josip Plemelj. This house can accept 16 people in 8 rooms. It also has a lecture room for around 20 people. Bled is a nice town by the lake of the same name, surrounded by mountains, with many comfortable hotels.
We have asked European Physical Society and Slovenian Ministry of Science to sponsor this workshop. The workshop is sponsored by the Slovenian National Committee for Physics, DMFA and the Department of Physics, FMP, University of Ljubljana.
If you would like to attend this workshop, please, send the message to Norma Mankoč Borštnik ( Colin Froggatt ( or Holger Bech Nielsen (
The registration fee, which will include all the expenses, if living in the Plemelj's house, will not exceed 700 DM. We shall be able to pay travel and living expenses to a few participants from the Eastern countries, which are not able to come otherwise, if the Ministry of Science will sponsor the workshop.
We kindly ask you to let as know as soon as possible, whether you would like to come and to send a one page presentation of the topic, which you would like to present in the workshop before 31 st of January 1999. We intend to publish the Proceedings of the Workshop as well.
The list of suggested participants:
1. D. Ahluwalia (
2. Alexei Andreevich Anselm (
3. Borut Bajc (
4. Saul Barshy (Aachen)
5. Zurab Berezhiani ( (
6. Lars Bergstrom (
7. Don Bennett (
8. Wilfried Buchm\" uller (
9. Marcus Cohen (
10. Savas Dimopoulos ( (
11. Vladimir Fainberg (
12. Recai Erdem (
13. Bojan Gornik (
14. David Gross (
15. Guang-jiong Ni (
16. Lawrence J. Hall (hall\
17. L. Hannibal (
18. Gerard 't Hooft (
19. Luis E. Ibanez (
20. Cecilia Jarlskog (
21. Dmitrij Kasakov (
22. Astri Kleppe (
23. Larisa Laperashvili (
24. Karen Ter Martirosyan (
25. Rabindra Mohapatra (
26. Ivica Picek (
27. Matjaž Poljšak (
28. T. Pradhan (
29. Leszek Roszkowski (
30. Mitja Rosina (
31. Graham Ross (
32. Svend E. Rugh (
33. Hergen Scheck (
34. Ivan Shushpanov
35. D. Singleton (
36. Glenn Starkman (
37. Berthold Stech (
38. Hanns Stremnitzer (STREM@Pap.UniVie.AC.AT)
39. Steven Weinberg (
40. Richard Woodard (
41. Colin Froggatt (
42. Holger Bech Nielsen (
43. Norma Mankoč Borštnik (